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It is said that in 1605 there was a temple here dedicated to San Antonio that, according to Alfredo Reyes Darias, was built in 1596. On April 16th of 1642 the bishop Francisco de Villanueva responded favourably to the neighbour's petition for the creation of a parochial church.

It was then procured that El Tanque be completely independent from Garachico on civilian matters, due to the fact that it had an alderman from some time back, by order of the Spanish magistrates

In 1706 there was a terrible volcanic eruption that caused considerable damage in the Garachico area; the lavas levelled the temple producing considerable losses, so for the religious functions a civilian building was used, La Alhóndiga, until the church was rebuilt.

Places of Historical Interest

Ancient Royal Road of El Tanque – Santiago del Teide

House of the Carmenaty. La Asomada. Tanque Alto

El Granero Houses. Tanque Alto

Eras in Barrio Nuevo. Tanque Alto

La Alhóndiga. Tanque Bajo. XVII Century

There are balconies, tile roofs, windows and adobe walls that are a lesson in typical popular architecture.

Remains of the Tank that gave the municipality its name. Tanque Bajo

Temple of San José de los Llanos. XVIII century rebuilt in the XX century.

Church of San Antonio de Padua. Tanque Bajo. XVI Century.

Burnt down by the 1706 volcanic eruption and rebuilt between 1707 and 1729

Baroque images of Baby Jesus appear and also of Our Lady of the Good Trip, XVI century. Baroque High Altarpiece of El Calvario and of Carmen and a San Antonio de Padua from the XVI century also are on display.

Las Partidas de Franquis

Belvedere of La Atalaya

Located on the cliffs of La Culata, from where El Roque of Garachico and part of the north coast can be seen.

Ancient Lavatories


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